Stronghold keep

Crusader Stronghold keep

The keep is the most important building in any Stronghold game. It houses the lord. It is where you set taxes and is your lord's final stand. It houses some peasants, depending on the size.


  • Saxon Hall - Small wooden keep
  • Wooden Keep - Keep constructed of wood, troops can be garrisoned
  • Stone Keep - Same as wooden keep, but made of stone
  • Fortress - Large keep, with a lot of space to garrison troops
  • Stronghold - Biggest keep, with a huge top which can hold many troops

Stronghold CrusaderEdit

  • Manor House - Small, battered villa - comparable to the Saxon Hall
  • Stone Keep - Very similar to the Stronghold counterpart, but made of brown stone
  • Stronghold - Biggest keep, same as Stronghold counterpart but with same differences as above

Stronghold 2Edit

  • Saxon Hall - The Saxon Hall is the smallest Keep and the only one made of wood. You can place military units on the tower for defence but not on the roof.
  • Small Keep - This is the smallest of the stone keeps. You can place military units on the roof and on its single tower.
  • Medium Keep - This medium sized keep has 4 taller towers so it has more defensive capabilities.
  • Large Keep - The largest keep is also the strongest and most defendable with its tall strong towers and drawbridge.

Stronghold LegendsEdit

  • Simple Keep - Small keep used by all cultures
  • Good Keep - A typical medieval keep
  • Ice Keep - A frozen keep, maybe made of ice
  • Evil Keep - A dark stone keep
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