The Rat is the first enemy encountered in the Stronghold series. His real name is Duc de Puce (Duke of Flea)

Stronghold BioEdit

The Rat was raised as an only child in lands belonging to the de Puce family. The duke showed his mother favour ensuring that she never paid taxes and always had enough to get by. One day a messenger came by and it it was revealed that his father was the same Duc de Puce whom his mother had once worked for as a serving wench.

Due to an unfortunate accident the entire de Puce family had been lost at sea whilst returning from holiday leaving the Rat as next in line to inherit the title of Duke.

Crusader DescriptionEdit

The Rat combines appallingly poor skill in managing a castle with a shockingly naive grasp of miltary tactics. Making him one of the most useless opponents in the game!

Crusader NamesEdit

Duc de Puce, The Stoat, The Weasel, The Ferret, Duc Camembert, Duc Souris, Duc Morceaux, Le Grand Fromage

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