The Snake is the second enemy encountered in the Stronghold series. His real name is Duc Beauregard (Duke Beauregard).

Stronghold BioEdit

The Snake was once governor of some of the richest provinces in the homeland where he made an extremely fruitful living from underdeclaring the taxes he collected but, when the king found out, he had him posted here to the 'new colonies'. During one of his first military encounters, he went up against your father losing an eye to him in combat. On that day the Snake swore he would not rest until the decapitated heads of your entire family were lined up on spikes outside his keep.

Crusader DescriptionEdit

The Snake has some ability to run his estate, but little stomach for a full on fight. He likes the hired help to do most of his dirty work for him.

Crusader NamesEdit

Duc Beauregard, Earl Doubletongue, Duke Vipertooth, Earl Poisonberry, Lord Python, Earl Diamondback, Duke Anaconda, Old one eye

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