Walls are the basic defensive building in the Stronghold series and they are featured in every game since Stronghold. Some types can be used to garrison troops or link towers to each other.


In Stronghold there are two wall types (with the exception of crenelated). They are wooden and stone. Both of them have pros and cons however.


Wooden walls are the basic wall type in Stronghold. Although providing the least protection from enemy weapons, they are quick, easy and cheap to create. They

A wooden castle from Stronghold

require 1 wood to create, which can be very easily obtained. They provide primitive protection against all forms of attack except ranged, which all walls are nearly immune to. Troops cannot be garrisoned on here.


  • Resources - 1 Wood
  • Damage - N/A
  • Defence - Weak
  • Peasants - N/A


Stone walls are the next step up from wooden walls and can take a bigger beating. Although the process of mining stone takes longer, it is worth the trouble. Stone

A stone castle from Stronghold

walls are virtually impervious to arrows. However, a swordsman or catapult can take a section of this wall out no trouble. Stone walls can be used to garrison soldiers on. Peasants may use stone walls to cross over the other sections of a castle or get quicker access out.


  • Resources - 1 Stone
  • Damage - N/A
  • Defence - Moderate
  • Peasants - N/A
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